Review of It's Not That Far by Eric Harabadian, Jazz Inside, December 2013 issue

“This is an album that recalls a lot of those great ‘60s Blue Note sides; well- structured playing, a nice mix of stylistic approaches, cool and relaxed changes and
a pervasive warmth to the production that is lively and magnetic." Eric Harabadian, Jazz Inside

Review of It's Not That Far by Rotcod Zzaj

“You’ll seldom hear such splendid guitar (Matthew) and tenor sax (Jonathan) together these days... & that’s clear from the opening note of the title track, “It’s Not That Far“, a 5:58 hotbed of jazz energy... volcanic is the way I’d describe it!" -Rotcod Zzaj

Review by George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

“Finck’s lithe guitar is on excellent display on the linear and winding title track as well as the easy stride of “East 86th". Impressive sounds and themes." -George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

Review by Mark S. Tucker, The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“As with Brecker, I'm not sure who I'd class Finck with stylewise, he treads between a lot of influences, but Finck is definitely old school Farlow, Ellis, Martino, and then hints of Abercrombie and Scofield. Writes that way, too." -A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mark S. Tucker

Review by Dee Dee McNeil, LA Jazz

"The musicianship of this Finck and Ball project is outstanding and innovative." - Dee Dee McNeil, LA Jazz

Review by Michael Anderson,

“The word ‘synergy’ is often thrown at any attempt to work together. True collaboration is much rarer, and results in a whole greater than the sum of parts. And that describes my feelings about ‘It’s Not That Far’ from the Matthew Finck-Jonathon Ball Project. Two great musicians with a solid band and great guest makes some magical music." -Michael Anderson,

Review by Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher, Mid-Western Record

“Cool modern jazz throughout, this sounds as close to a smoky New York club as you can get without actually
being there." -CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher, Mid Western Record

Three Generations of Guitar

featuring Matthew Finck, Eddie Diehl, and Gabe Schnider.

Jazz Guitar Summit

featuring Matthew Finck, Eddie Diehl, and Mark Dzuiba.

Preview of The Ron Finck Memorial Scholarship Concert

Concert review by Kitty Montgomery

Article by Bob Margolis

preview of The Ron Finck Memorial Scholarship Concert.